Regain Energy to Live through cooking Indian curry

Regain Energy to Live through cooking Indian curry

Let’s get started!

Today, we are going to cook tasty Indian chicken curry in traditional way.

First thing to do is… get chicken from one of a producer of Sujata village.












Then, boil water to make pull out feathers easy and wring chicken.









I heard everybody in Sujata village can wring a chicken.

It looks very easy for them to wring, pull out feathers and guts and cut them.

Of course, all edible guts are used.


Village people understand the meaning of eating meat through experience.

And they know how to wring and cut.

This may make village people feel oneness to the nature and the earth.
And also, it may be a source of self confidence.

I feel the strength of living from them.


It is very different from my country, Japan.
We can only see meat cut and packaged in supermarket.

Very few Japanese know how to wring chicken…











Well, kids from Japan couldn’t go close, but they watched how they wring from a bit distance.

We moved to the place of Indian cooking stove made of clay, called Chulha a in a guest house “Sachi Home”.











You cannot find Chulha in big cities such as Delhi but, it is still widely used in the village.

Fuels are cow dung cake made by cow dung and straw and charcoal.












Chulha is readey, so chicken is brought to the place・・・











And cooking starts!










Waiting for a while…




















Today’s menu is chicken curry, mushroom curry, dal soup, rice and chapati.

A little bit hot and spicy.

Everyone loved it.


If you are the person who doesn’t have self confidence or not satisfied with your life even if you live without any big problems.

Or if you don’t feel like enjoying your life or keep saying I cannot do it.

It’s the best place to come!

Sujata village and village people take your small  worries or troubles away!

If you communicate with villagers who have energy to live and warm heart, then your squared mind and heart will be melted.

How about making chicken curry with village people in Sujata villate?