Bhagavad -7 Days special pooja- in Sujata village

Bhagavad -7 Days special pooja- in Sujata village

The owner of guest house, Sachi Home recommended me to join very special pooja called Bhagavad held for 7 days in Sujata village.

So, I visited the house of Mr. Devendra Pathak, the former principle of Niranjana public welfare school.


Around 6PM, it starts from pooja.

People gather in a huge room as big as school class room.









Swami, a spiritual master from Vrindavan and music band from Gaya are in front.

Swami teaches how to get to moksha or nirwana based on Hindu sacred books by teaching and singing sacred songs.


This is called Bhagavad and starts 6PM  and ends 10PM for 7 days!

Other purpose of Bhagavad is to remove fear of death.

It’s over 40 degree celsius these days in day time and still over 30 degree celsius at night.

But, Swami kept talking and singing for 4 hours without rest or drinking water.

I was astonished with his power and energy.









The final of last day, everyone stood up and sang enthusiastically with aarti.

The father of Mr. Devendra was a head of the village for long time and got respect from all the villagers.

He succeeded in a material world but he wanted real happiness of spiritual world.

That’s why he held this Bhagavad using huge money.

For 7 days, the family prepare meals for 200 people every day and surprisingly,  the final day, they invite all the villagers and serve dinner!

They prepare dinner for 2,000 people!









This is what I think amazing about India.

Everybody believes in God.

Everybody regard pooja or religious rituals very sacred and important.









Every day, every house do pooja and many special poojas or festivals for God throughout year.

People are living with Gods very naturally.

“Everything is going fine.”

Many Indian often says so.

I think it is because they believe in God from the bottom of heart.

I hope you who cannot think “Everything is going fine.” come to Sujata Village in India and experience this spiritual world.


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