Breakfast in Sujata Village

Breakfast in Sujata Village

It is no need to mention, but…

India and Japan are very different.

Some differences make me happy, some bothers me.

Today, I introduce one of the happy difference.


Now in April, temperature rises more than 40 degrees celsius in the village, so it’s very hard for me to go out daytime.

One morning, I was walking in the village before it gets too hot.

I heard someone calls my name, “Hi, Meera!”.

It was Ram Kumar with his 2-year-old-daughter who works in vegetarian Indian restaurant Shama in Osaka, Japan.









He is enjoying being with his family for his holiday.

He said, “Have you finished breakfast? Please come and eat.”
I hesitated a little bit,  but he encouraged me to come in his house.

He took me to second floor and his wife brought me typical Indian breakfast.

Vegetable curry, curd and chapati.

Beautiful, isn’t it?










In India, people invite meals very casually and they share daily meals.

It goes without saying!

It’s natural for them to share.

You don’t have to think much preparation like in Japan.

Japanese people tend to think they should prepare many things when we welcome someone and it makes hard to invite others.
If there is no preparation, many of them don’t invite others even if someone is in front of them…

When I left, Ram Kumar said, ” It’s not easy to cook for one person, right?Come to have breakfast, lunch and dinner anytime.”

Thank you very much, Ram.
I will visit again.


There’re less boundaries between people compared with Japan and villagers are very friendly and kind.
It makes me very happy.

Come to Sujata village to spend time with those village people.

I’m sure the village and village people will heal your hear tired of busy days in your country.



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