Essential for curry! How to make masala paste?

Essential for curry! How to make masala paste?

When I was walking around in Sujata village one day,

I found a women cooking with a tool made of stone.

What are you doing?

I asked her.

Her answer was making masala paste for fish curry.

To cook fish or chicken curry, local people make masala paste with garlic, ginger, hot pepper, turmeric and so on.

It will become the base of curry,


On the other hand,
in the kitchen of guest house Sachi Home,
Indian staffs use a blender to make this paste.











So, I kept wondering how people made the paste in the past when no blender existed.

Yes, I got the answer today!

People used to make the paste with the tool made by stone.



Actually, the area where the women is making the paste is for poor Harijan people.

Houses which cannot afford buying a blender still use a traditional way of cooking.


There still exist traditional way of living other than cooking in Sujata village in India.

Almost all the farming process is carried out by human hand.

Harvesting rice or wheat are also done by hand.


Women who carries wheat straws for cow feed. Every process is done by hand.









Domestic animals such as cows and goats live together with village people.

Goat in Sujata village









Such their lives are connected strongly to the earth and nature.

Some Japanese guests over their 70’s told me that the village is very close to the village where they were grown up when they were very small.

It was same in Japan before 60 to 70 years ago.

Of course, many inconvenience are remained here.

But, villagers who live connected to nature has a kind of strength.

If you come and experience the village life, it may lead to regain the strength which many Japanese have lost.


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