If you believe everything gonna be fine

If you believe everything gonna be fine

Do you know what this is?

You don’t see it usually, because it exists under the ground.











Today, it was digged out like this.


The answer is…

It is a motor of water pump.

In Sujata village, Bihar, India, water supply is from ground water.

In our guest house, Sachi Home,
water is pumped up to three tanks on the roof top by motor from 60 feet under the ground .

This water is supplied to all of Sachi Home pipe line.

But it is not automatic like in Japan or many other countries.
You have to switch on to pump water when the tanks got empty or before it gets empty.

One day of April, the motor was broken and we couldn’t use water!

We had a reservation for restaurant and staying guests.
No kitchen water, no use of toilet or shower!

Oh my gosh.
What should we do???

I was a little bit worried.

But our young manager was calm and stable.
He said without any hesitation, “No problem. It’ll be fine in one hour.”

He’s just 23 years old.
How matured he is!










I always wonder how can he be so stable and calm every moment and how does he get such strong belief???

He called a mechanic and all the staffs worked together to fix the pump.









Needed parts were not available near here, so one of the staff and the mechanic went to get to Gaya by motorbike. It’s 15km from here.

And… it was completed about 12 o’clock at night!

Not in one hour, but within one day, it was all right as the manager told me.


I’m staying here for long time and learned many things from village people.

One of the things I’ve learned is to say and believe

“Everything is fine. No problem.”

no matter what happens.

What you only have to do is just to believe you can and take an action.

It’s a important belief for life.

Villagers have a power to live which many people have forgot in Japan or other developed countries.
Let you come here to regain the power.

If you communicate with village people who survive with nature without convenient materials, your hidden soul will awake…



The motor stopped again after few days.
But with one more effort, it started to work.

But… once again it stopped after few days.
So, we bought a new motor and now it’s fine.

Until the new motor came, public water pump near here helped us.
Staffs brought long horse, connected to the public pump and we got water for our tanks.









Everything is possible in India!

Our manager often says this and now, I completely agree with him.

Furthermore, not only in India…but in all over the world, whoever you are, everything is possible.

If you believe you can do it.

Yes, just strong belief is necessary.


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