Pooja for starting new life

Pooja for starting new life

A guest from Japan who stayed almost half a year left Sachi Home last month.

To celebrate and pray for her new life, we called Baba ji and did pooja.

Pooja is a Hindu prayer ritual.
Pooja can purify people or place. And it is said to make it easier to connect inner oneself.

You can make a purpose or wish for pooja, such as success of business or service for ancestors.


This is a pooja room of Sachi Home.
Krishna, Ganesh and Buddha are here.

You can feel high spiritual energy here.









We did fire ceremony called Yggyea at Yggya place.
Yaggya has special power for purification.








With a word “Svaha”, you put fragrant wood with ghee, spice and rice.

Ghee is purified butter and regarded sacred in India.
It is used not only for cooking but for pooja.


You make offering to God Agni and burn out all your negative energy.

The baba ji is very close to the owner of Sachi Home.
And he is outstanding from other babas. He has a tremendous power and energy.









With Baba ji’s strong presence and powerful voice, pooja by him is a must to experience!

His mantras vibrates your body and soul.

He looks a bit rough and scary, but he’s playful and humorous.

Don’t miss to experience rial Hindu pooja at Sachi Home!

Get purified by real pooja and get good fortune.



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