Throw away your fixed idea by…

Throw away your fixed idea by…

Hello, there!

What does the man doing…?

He is a brother of the guest house “Sachi Home”.










The answer is・・・・

Yes, he is harvesting cucumbers!









And this is a vegetable field.

I’d like you to see the next picture also.

Field of Okra, Eggplant, Bitter gourd, Tomato, Coriander, Chile etc.









It may not look like vegetable field, but actually, it is of Sachi Home!

It’s the season of okra, eggplant, bitter gourd, tomato, coriander, pepper, bean and so on.

Indians don’t use poles to support vegetable, so that tomato, cucumber and bitter gourd are on the ground all over the field.











So, you have to search vegetable pushing leaves aside when you wish to harvest.

Moreover, climbing vegetables such as bitter gourd or cucumber spread all over the field.

I was surprised to know poles to support vegetables are not essential.

Because, in my country Japan, everybody is using poles like this when you do farming.







It’s easier to harvest and keep vegetable look nice (because dirt doesn’t stick to vegetable).

But, preparing poles are one of the hard work of farming…

I learned growing vegetable are not so difficult!

In Sujata village, no one is using poles.

Many of things that you believe mandatory are often not.

Let you come to break your square mind and head to Sujata village in India!











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