Yesterday and tomorrow are same!?

Yesterday and tomorrow are same!?

These three are young good-looking staffs of guest house, Sachi Home.

They speak English fluently.

Three young staffs of Sachi Home









So, I was wondering why they often mixed up tomorrow and yesterday.

Such as, “I will go to my uncle’s house yesterday.” or “I studied Japanese tomorrow.”

Why such basic mistakes…?









The answer is・・・

In Hindi language,

“Yesterday” and “Tomorrow” are same as “Kal”.

And “Day before yesterday” and “Day after tomorrow” are also same as “Parson”!!!!!!!!!












“Yesterday” and “tomorrow” are same word?
“Day before yesterday” and “day after tomorrow” are same word?

Don’t they get confused…?

They say, “No problem. Because you can know from the context.”

It doesn’t mean they don’t differentiate the two.


But, still, Indians who accept yesterday and tomorrow are same word must have the different sense of time, compared with other people who have different words for them.

Time is a concept which human being created.
So, time doesn’t exist in universe actually…

Maybe, Hindi language make people accept such a law of universe.

And also, it may make it easier to live the moment,  not in past nor future.


I often feel people in Sujata village seem like living the moment.

Perhaps, Hindi language is one of the keys of it.


Holi festival which arrows you to enjoy the moment












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