1 to 100 are all irregular in Hindi

1 to 100 are all irregular in Hindi

Here’s another mystery about Hindi language following the last article “Yesterday and tomorrow are same!?“.

Since I’m staying in Sujata village, India for long time, it’s natural that I wish to learn how to count in Hindi at least until 100.

You will simply imagine that you can do it without so much effort.

Normally… yes… but, this is India!

It’s not so easy as you imagine.


When you first leaned

11 is eleven, not one-teen,

12 is twelve, not two-teen,

or 13 is thirteen, not three-teen,

didn’t you wonder why and get surprised?












Surprisingly, in Hindi language, it’s the same from 1 to 100!

There is no regularity, so you have to remember all the numbers one by one!

Feel like fainting?

That’s why I left behind to remember them for long time.

But, I decided to remember them!

I’m chanting 1 to 100 everyday and it won’t be so long to get it.


Even for Indians it’s a bit hard, so I heard it takes more time for Indian children to be able to count compared to other countries.


Class room of Niranjana school in Sujata village, India














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