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Owner of SACHI HOME – Sujata Yoga Resort

Siddhartha King Sujata






Sachi Home turned into Sachi Home – Sujata Yoga Resort from 1st of January 2018.


I’m Siddhartha King Sujata, the owner of the guest house, born in 1979 in Sujata village where our guest house locates.

I founded a school free of charge in this village to support children who cannot go to school because of poverty from my single-minded desire. I had a strong will to help children from poverty.


Volunteers from all over the world, such as Japan, the US, New Zealand… started to gather gradually to support me to the village.

For those volunteers, a place to stay comfortably became necessary and I opened a guest house, Sachi Home in 2010. There used to be a small cabin built by my father for meditation on the land.

For those 8 years, not only many of volunteers with sympathy but tourists from all over the world to get enlightenment to Bodhgaya came to our guest house as well. I’m most grateful of all the guests who stayed here.

Niranjana Public Welfare Trust, which I concentrated as the center of my life, gathered many fellow workers and teachers now. Also, education for children to get out of poverty and other activities are spread to wide range.

If I mention a private matter, I became to think from bottom of my soul, my role for Niranjana Public Welfare Trust which my fellows and I founded is now over and it’s the time to hand it to reliable co-workers and I shift to the next step of myself. I am now thinking how I should be and how all the human-beings should be essentially while I get plenty of supports and loves from volunteers. I’d like to do what I can do, not only getting supports.


This is the land where village lady Sujata led buddha enlightenment about 2,500 years ago and the loving energy of her is still flowing around. I wish many guests stay here for plenty of time without hurry and get healed. And it would be my pleasure if all the guests could return to natural herself or himself and moved to their paths of true life. With this thought, I wished to change Sachi home as “the guest house for the people who want to be awakened to their own lives” where people can focus on their own lives from “the guest house for the volunteers”.

From several years ago, I’ve been keeping in touch with members of Institute of W.H.S.E by a chance. Institute of W.H.S.E is an Japanese organization working for women’s health and spiritual evolution for the better future of the earth. They believe that to create a better future, women have to change first. The vision of them and mine are coincidentally the same and they helped to open a restaurant next to the guest house in the autumn of 2015. The restaurant serves not only Indian food but also healthy and tasty Japanese food.

So that the guests who are not used to Indian food or climate can stay more comfortable and get along very well during their stay.

And in 2017, I decided to run Sachi Home jointly with Institute of W・H・S・E to make here more pleasant for many guests from all over the world with the excellent sense of delicacy and sensitivity of Japanese women.

We are changing the guest house to help focusing yourself deeper and to be able to feel the atmosphere of the land of Sujata surrounded by beautiful nature to the maximum. It contains redecorating the rooms and common spaces, changing equipment, making new menus for the restaurant and developing activities which fit to the energy of this place.

Consequently, we are revising the room charges and the price of the food we serve.

I hope that former guests who loved initial Sachi Home kindly understand this.


And I also hope both the guests who know us very well and who comes in the future enjoy Sachi Home -Sujata Yoga Resort as the place to focus and concentrate to yourself.


Sachi Home was originally a small meditating space to pray the world peace made by my father.


We are not making a big change. Our spirit goes closer to the starting point. As the human being given birth to the earth from the God in this era, I’d like to restart my life with those with same deep aim not only with members of Sujata village but also with members from all over the world.


I thank all the given tremendous warming supports and loves.

And heartful gratitude to those who are going to meet by a mercy of the God in the future.

Yours sincerely,


Siddhartha King Sujata,

The owner of Sachi Home -Sujata Yoga Resort

1st of January 2018